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tv   Headline News  RT  April 19, 2013 2:00pm-2:44pm EDT

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in lockdown sincerely the smalling as police comb the streets for one of the two men suspected of the marathon bombings they've been identified as nineteen year old dzhokhar who remains at large is brother twenty six year old tamil and certain i have was killed after a police car chase their family originates from russia's north caucasus region and they settled in the united states more than a decade ago let's go live now to our correspondent in washington poor marina hi there tell us what more we know about the suspects. well more information is becoming available hour by hour just before i came on air i was listening to a press conference that the aunt of these two suspects is giving from toronto canada according to the on to that is speaking right now as she said that joe har who is known as suspect number two the nineteen year old came to the united states in april two thousand and two with his parents and the rest of the siblings including temora line of came shortly after so the entire family had been here
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pretty much for longer than i decade now what we know about these two individuals let's go through tomorrow first according to the information has become available this that twenty six year old known as suspect number one who was shot and killed in a shootout with police he practiced martial arts and boxing and he even aspired to fight on the u.s. olympic team once he received his citizenship so that clearly going to kids that he wasn't a u.s. citizen despite the fact that he's been in the u.s. for more than a decade now the twenty six year old as i mentioned was a done to fight a suspect number one after the f.b.i. released video and photos of him wearing a black baseball cap according to a crime website he was arrested for domestic assault on a girlfriend according to some other social media outlets and websites the girlfriend that he was dating was half italian have turkish turkish in a photo package that appeared in
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a boston you know university student magazine back in two thousand and ten timer lawn was quoted as saying that he doesn't have any american friends and doesn't understand them now on social media. and identified himself as a muslim and he said he did not drink or smoke and according to reports he was studying to be and engineer his younger brother joe hart nineteen years old the one that is still allegedly on the run. had been on of wrestling team and won a prestigious school and a scholarship from his from his city in massachusetts and pursued higher education to pursue higher education he was a student at the university of massachusetts dartmouth and many witnesses have come out or those that have known joe hart his older brother calling news outlets all throughout the u.s. saying that these boys were normal kids particularly joe har was a very nice boy very polite now on his social network sites
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some of them he described himself as a chechen speaking rather chechen as well as english and russian his worldview is described as islam and he says his personal goal is career and money but right now he is on the run and boston and its outer suburbs are on lockdown police have told everybody within the area to stay indoors and not open their doors to anyone other than federal officials showing id but just a few hours ago the uncle of these two suspects sorry came out to call on his the younger nephew to turn himself in and take a listen to what the senate. they came to. this day. and. they came to a. point about how you what you like about the united states. given day
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to day do they receive the ceremony where they go it was going on were they working yes they they lived with them never been interested to there's nothing to do is church they were different church and they're peaceful people people to shame on to a. new city. because everyone now names they play with words. so they put the chain on and tell you the city that's what i would think turn yourself in and what ever what it will want i mean the discretion of those who are here. now what what we should point out is that the this uncle who came out to to call on his nephew to turn himself in he has been a strange from the family since two thousand and nine at the least that is what he said in the press conference he hasn't been in contact with the two suspects but we also have heard from the father of these two suspects who is currently living in
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russia and he said that he claims and says that his sons are innocent and were set up take a listen to what their father had to say i'm confident in my children's innocence i'm not sure what happened only god knows no one in the household ever owned any weapons i think my children may have been framed i don't know who did it but the cowardly police shot my son i can't contact anyone else and i need more information when i last talked to my oldest son i told him to look after joe and make him study harder we did not talk about anything like what happened. we also were able to get in touch with someone who worked at the school that joe hart did attend for just one year before immigrating to the united states and here is what that person that secretary from that school had to say.
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involved in the first grade and after just a year he left. his family's from kurdistan there were four children in the family two sisters and two brothers in two thousand one hundred the school and in two thousand and two they left for the u.s. to. you know a lot of media outlets are looking to social social network sites to try to build a character up of these two suspects what's difficult is that we don't know which accounts are authentic which ones are new and being created so i think our federal officials state local officials are trying to piece together the character of these two men these two suspects when it comes to the suspect number two is still on the run officials are hoping that they can piece together enough information to figure out where that nineteen year old may be hiding because at this point police
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officials don't know where he is and. the hug goes on of course the people in boston paralyzed basically the told to stay behind locked doors they shouldn't the door unless a policeman can prove as a policeman valid i.d. or so representing them it's a very frightening time for the all the inhabitants of boston. it certainly is frightening frightening the scenes that are unfolding on television and you know in life are scary there are scenes that you know most americans have never seen play out before there's a massive amounts of law enforcement officials descending into boston boston in the in the outer regions you have members of the f.b.i. the a.t.f. the national guard state police local police according to state police sixty to seventy percent of the homes had been searched in watertown the central town where
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the bombings took place but then of officials are going to move to the towns that border that town we're talking about an enormous radius that covers much ground in massachusetts they don't know where joe hart. is when at last the police saw him in the shoot out where his his brother's home or lawn was killed he fled on foot the sign was not up so at this point as you underscored police are telling all residents to stay indoors not open their doors or less they are sure it is a police official that is not going to be to be let in and question anyone around so this is a developing story it's a very fluid investigation and we're trying to say on top of it and keep our viewers as you know posted an update we told you soon then there were the latest from new york to get as well you keep abreast of it all with the latest on our web
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site out see dot com as well now true identities of the suspects were revealed. that the suspects have no links to chechnya. we don't know anything about the brothers they never lived in chechnya the media is reporting that they grew up and went to school in america so the problem is with their of bringing their we regret that this deadly tragedy took place as we know better than anybody about these things and we offer our condolences. a message posted on twitter by one of the suspects just hours after the boston bombing raids eight no love in the heart of the city stay safe people talk more about the personalities in the background of the suspect with sergio trick of it she's foreign affairs editor it chronicles magazine in chicago how the mistress thank you for being with r.t. international on a russian social network site the younger brother who's currently on the run tonight says his interest quote is a career and money now that doesn't indicate that he's the kind of person on the
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face of it a way to committed terror or. it does actually what we're looking at is what has been called heart syndrome. we're in a stone signet light young man or two or three or i care into a well adapted to their environment and apparently perfectly capable or functioning suddenly go berserk in one way or another which has happened with. four young men whom tony blair the former british prime minister memorably called regular yorkshire let's blowing up him on the ground chain in london it happening to losing prince last year and what we're seeing time and over again is that young muslim particularly young muslim men who come to the west end go in search of an identity because post-modern consumerist society full of platitudes about inclusiveness
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and multiculturalism doesn't really offer anything meaningful to be attached to it when they're a kid did offer the family did offer them asylum even though they didn't have their official status they were given asylum why tell a country that offers you asylum. oh well i'm not talking about author or physical safety and the material goods i'm talking about the quest for meaning and that's where young people who go in quest of their roots discover the slum very often in a violent form through the internet but another problem of course is that america treated the family as refugees in two thousand and one when the war in chechnya was long over which reflects an ambivalence of u.s. policy makers as well as the media regarding the whole church and we should and mark my words it will be only hours if not days before we hear some pundits saying that lads have been brutalized but childhood memories will clamp down on.
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now what is the best. united states is that is actually a success story for the russians and that has been achieved result in either of them over iraq they would have said to try another important point is that if and when we find out the details of what was really going on there will be less squeamishness above naming the religion of the culprits because at the moment the slum as a problem and this and use jihad as a widespread phenomenon in the slum that they are going to in the western world is almost. the elder brother let's talk about him from what he's quoted as saying a couple of years ago that he has got no american friends he went on to say quote i don't understand them this it's surprising that a rising sportsman at college would feel so isolated from everyone around them is an even more surprising that none of his people that it surely must have been
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having a day to day reactions with didn't spot this either. well it depends on what he means by prince it is perfectly possible that he had normal social intercourse with people around him who didn't have an ships in the sense of shared values and shared meaningful emotional experience and that's where you often what happens with young muslims in the western world what is lacking is the sense of identification with the core values of the herd which is i hate where there's the anger come from it's one thing having a disagreement with it but it's completely another thing when you turn around you want to blow people to smithereens where does that hate come from well it comes from a hermit because if you look at the core writings of the slimy and if you will the institutionalized hostility to the imperial herd which you encountered both in the qur'an and then it's explains the story now of course many people will say most muslims are peaceful and indeed they are but on the other hand if you look at the
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number of terrorist incidents around the world over the past decade and then we will see enormous correlation between the attachment to the slum it will be you and the propensity to terrorist violence got a line in our actually from the former mayor of new york rudy giuliani's admitted the said that the u.s. has underestimated as he put it the chechen terror threat he said that it was a long considered a strictly russian problem maybe till now and they didn't take it seriously all the while russia was seeking cooperation. he said that now it looks like they'll have to cooperate much closer with the russian security services that's a good thing surely oh yes indeed and brings us back to where i mean the aftermath of stadium parking spokes instead of the regrettable is it to use it's necessary to have agreed to ring. in the church and political which was an
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implication that somehow areas should be involved but alas not please let me mention that helping cos have all been use of pain they are present in the presidents did not shelter the united states from a whole series of terrorist plots and actual attacks involving possible and macedonia mowbray needs like a species but as long as you have an immigration policy it makes no correlation between the ability of an individual to not look his new environment and the willingness of the nation of. his passport we will have this problem time and over again sir i just want to get some clarification you mentioned there are but the hate within some of these some of these it is a myth but why is there a correlation between islam and hate it isn't it islam is that fear islam is nothing like that at all where does the hate side of it come from where does the the radical side of it come from why are the two often why is it also mixed up together a lot in the west when you talk about islam and you kind of think it oh hate horror
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well because we are talking about a specific interpretation of the specific there's any small fraction isn't it though yes it is a small fraction but on the other hand if you look at that there's the whole correlation between perpetrators and the number of the students were all clear that the likelihood of the young muslim in the western world committing terrorist outrage is maybe a million times greater than any regular other. soldier thanks for your time so you talk of a short affairs editor of chronicles magazine preceded it. demitra babich political analyst a voice of russia radio station two says the ethnic origin of the suspects has been given too much attention these are his thoughts. russian government does want a lot about the kind of refugees of all the kind of immigrants that the united states and west european countries are ready to accept and
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a lot of them did not change their condition their convictions a lot of them are still diehard decent mists and i can easily imagine that a lot of them can see day both russia and the united states part of the same decadent western civilization in this situation that they can the way to their jihad not necessarily in a place like syria or iraq but also in the united states happened to be in many countries there are people who got our siloam in the west that later turned against their hosts and against their benefactors you know if you expect any kind of great that you with any kind of thankful thinking from these people you are dead wrong. most of the jihad. in their convictions they think that they have the right to you know to a certain their convictions they have the right to commit violent acts if only they feed their course and their cause is the creation of the system are mixed eight.
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well maybe it would be an excellent state in north caucasus it could be a universal islamic caliphate but that's their thinking and i'm afraid in boston we were dealing with exactly that kind of thinking if you read their american press you can see a lot of simplistic thinking about the so-called church an uprising and the islamist group say in the north caucasus and the american used to say that russia was to blame for all of these terrorist activities but i don't agree with that i think that russia was actually fighting a real internationally salamis threat in north caucasus at least during the second world war during the second chechen war and all of the asli. north caucasus is not only a threat to russia it's also a threat to the united states is a threat to europe but somehow western countries just refused to recognize it. the u.s. state department says it's still too early to point to any chechen trace in the boston bombings but russian expert martin mccauley who was spoke to earlier says needs and
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see muslim reactions are inevitable the chens. very little known in the united states and the americans now are so conscious of crime you have attacks in schools and so on everywhere and you can homeland security and so on and everybody you know is very very concerned about security so therefore if a suspect subtypes some type of malfeasance in the past that will be brought up that will be seen as by the americans is relevant to the north caucuses is a problem not only for russia but for the rest of the world because the americans are aware that jihad have left the north caucasus to fight in syria against the crush al assad regime and so on and fighting there. and they're fighting on the islam and side and so on this bombing will in fact intensify the concern about security and the fact that everyone should be looking over their shoulder if they
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are linked in fact true islam islam is group then they are undermining american still confidence that was the whole idea of bombing the the boston marathon that from now on if you go to a bus or ball game or you go to. a baseball game or something like that you're looking over your shoulder to see there's a maybe a bomb there if they are jihadists then they have in fact secured quite a victory while boston as i mentioned earlier on its law and its suburbs still in lockdown people they are told to stay indoors keep safe but this is a close flights have been grounded classes have been canceled the universities and schools in the area are to consider afshin rattansi in london told us the u.s. homeland security part was in disarray and was incapable of stopping attacks like the marathon bombings. the whole idea of terrorism now in the world is asymmetric warfare and as your correspondents have talked about the whole of boston looking
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like gotham city waiting for batman one thing these terror acts will definitely do will help the security apparatus of central government was a complete and utter failure perhaps there will always be a necessary failure because as the security analysts are fond of saying it only takes them to be right once and the. homeland security people they have to be right every single time this is not the way you combat terrorism or militancy the way to combat it is through other measures and this idea of this ridiculous homeland security department coordinating them and security this will never stop attacks like this the way to stop attacks like this is something entirely different if it is a political act this boston marathon bomb they've got to start looking at foreign policy and if indeed they were brought up for these their families were brought up in the cauldrons of political strife in the north caucasus during the late one nine hundred ninety s. . america better start talking to russia or about anti terror just tear ideas you
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know i mean the united states it's as that in time media of islamophobia these things will catalyze it and no man security to go up and. let's bring up to date on what's happening in boston most of the city's been locked down for over eight hours now while thousands of police and f.b.i. agents search for the marathon bombing suspect nineteen year old said knight if he's on the run after escaping police in an overnight chase in which is elder brother tom. was killed both men come from an ethnic chechen family which was granted asylum in the united states about a decade ago all the million people in boston a big warm though the state of the streets would have all been put deserted this friday in the past few hours the man's father claimed his sons were framed for their own cold came on camera to deny that they were linked to chechen extremism these latest pictures you can see there live pictures showing the police presence on the streets will continue streaming knows it's reported that explosives were
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found at a location where the two men were initially traced to along with a pressure cooker another one similar to the one used in the marathon bombing. some politicians in the u.s. congress have seen this week's tragic events as no opportunity then to step up their drive to control the internet the controversial cispa bill would allow user data to be shared with government agencies getting around privacy laws it's made it through to the senate but president obama still thought to be wary of signing it off r.t. american producer andrew blake told me more. aides for the white house actually said we will recommend the president veto this legislation for sharing and protection act it's come under a lot of criticism by its opponents because they say that it does more than what the authors say it does now the authors of cispa they say that this bill will lead to businesses private companies google facebook and many internet provider these
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companies will be encouraged to share information with the federal government that will be used to track down and monitor and curb cyber attacks aimed at the united states computer critics say that it puts too much of americans privacy at risk and that the right safeguards are there people would be separate pricing their privacy for a little bit of security when the bill was introduced back in february i believe one of the areas for the second time representative or one of the authors of the bill he said you know we can't have another nine eleven we can't have another terrorist attack it but if we do we will pass any law that needs to happen sure enough to another congressman he actually got up and said well look what happened in boston these were bombs sure they weren't digital bombs but the next ones will be digital bombs so we need to come together for the sake of national security and do something and that's exactly why a lot of people have problems with this bill because the people who are touting it the people who are writing it are people that don't really understand the cyber security concerns and there's a lot of concern over who is coming up with this bill who is supporting it and what they actually know about cyber security. incidents that this morning saying that
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you know boston would be reason enough to pass a cyber security bill is laughable to many people so twenty six now if it is post. stay with us so you come from or they will as late as to breaking news with me kevin zero in a bucket get in a couple of minutes. wealthy british style. markets weiner scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy is a report on. the
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international airport in the very heart of moscow. again this further simmering unrest in bahrain ahead of the weekend's formula one grand prix with protesters furious that the government plans to host an elite sports event despite the country's poor human rights record there's already been some violence with activists hurling petrol bombs at riot police who responded with tear gas the demonstrators accuse formula one of ignoring the rights abuses the
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security forces clamp down in the lead up to the grand prix the race organizers insists the protest and not pose any threat to the event but human rights watch has slammed them for quote risking a holding their race against repression that has provoked now the my. at the forefront of the pro-democracy movement in bahrain remains behind bars meantime now serving a two year prison term for his alleged role in the february twentieth eleven uprising he was jailed last year after criticizing the government of the monarchy and messages posted on twitter a court ruled that his comments were an attempt to incite a revolution through mass unrest this jail term was later reduced from three years to two but the verdict sparked an international outcry shortly before his arrest with the world's first the whistleblower julie his son and artie's probably boy reports next now tonight but in can't it's just not long before his imprisonment bahrain's most famous human rights campaigner was in london talking to another
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prominent activist and whistleblower julian a sandwich so we came here to london's ecuadorian embassy which the wiki leaks founder has been calling home for some ten months now in order to have a chat about the man at the forefront of bahrain's pro-democracy struggle i began by asking assigns why he was sixteen to invite him to be over a job interview on his exclusive r.t. show braid has nine hundred thousand people. has one hundred fifty thousand twitter followers comprised predominantly. the population of bread. sincere arrests of a number of other activists and brainy spring two thousand the. job. of trying to present to the brain so human rights was the most prominent voice for the . speaking to julian assange jab was unequivocal about his determination to fight for democracy in bahrain if you have. if you believed.
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you were your. difficulties and you know the. changes that you were fighting for it's been good four hundred years is not an easy thing to change. those changes you have to be with me. and my price might be your life for that price has become is freedom three months after that interview was that he was sentenced to three years behind bars but according to a phone keeping him in prison on the current charges is going to be increasingly difficult for the bahraini government. cartoonish form of despotism where he has been sentenced to three imprisonment for a number of tweets. into your personal stories the prime minister. as well
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as organizing protests he even when he was imprisoned briefly released he did not resign on the same stand criticizing youth or it's hard for people with that much courage who can. become. so i think his long term prospects accorded good amnesty international have labeled him a prisoner of conscience but unless the international community wakes up to abuses in bahrain there's little hope that maybe over jobs going to be tasting freedom anytime soon what you see. london's ecuadorian embassy. or bahrain is a jew it over two years of standoff between the sunni or for a season the opposition which ones to try and sit towards democracy and equality for the majority shia population the monarchy still insists is not discriminating against its own people but human rights groups say that doesn't tally with how the
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unrest is being curbed so close to the show we have some of the figures put out by amnesty international but you can see for yourself since twenty eleven clashes between authorities and demonstrators have seen seventy two people killed on both sides the number of arrests made last year of those participating in rallies topped a thousand added to that at least eighty youngsters under eighteen are being held in adult prisons prisons that are notorious for the torture interrogations yet the government's efforts are geared towards improving its own image indeed it recently spent over thirty two million dollars on public relations firms. one man who worked closely with roger when he headed the bahrain center for human rights says that being an activist in bahrain is dangerous but ratchets followers nonetheless ready and now he's in jail and is to go get a body but i do wish you'd behave and sending messages to the one hundred people to get the vote out but i don't and for that we. cannot dish out this i live by it
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it's thinking that i mean you know what i'm going to give even if they were at this meeting but i think it's kind of them here but i think given what government we speak out i know we have six to. six activists behind but one of them getting the government there by jupiter becoming a good one i'd like to give this in the end by a mistook an easy please don't take you're in a dictatorship but if you like them to. go for example the second he had actually been here you know that they go about the human rights situation in bahrain and then he was it was that. i did good because it could take you to death by. a monarchy fueling flames of the west and activist his whole position gridlocked you know all the noise agent was involved with ranking to be seen to be credible. when the bureaus are busy it's a formula for controversy burning rubber on the streets of bahrain checkered flag
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ship weekend on our team. and ahead for you on this channel the latest from the texas community devastated by the recent fertilizer plant explosion twelve bodies of victims have been found so for dozens silicon to fall is coming up. i reckon cardiologist dr omar. claims that the war in iraq destroyed iraq's environment even worse than dropping the bomb on hiroshima did dr. puts the data that the number of press cancer cases has grown in the country from fifteen to thirty times cases of congenital heart disease have become fifteen times more frequent case of leukemia have increased thirty fold the doctor puts the blame on the weapons used in the one thousand nine hundred one and two thousand and three invasions of iraq it which nato forces used white phosphorus depleted uranium
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rounds and other toxic gases and poison of substances human rights watch and the world health organization have measured radiation levels in iraq and consider many places in iraq even some very far from the fighting to be contaminated naturally radiation is not racist and foreign soldiers in iraq are not immune usa today even published research results that found that depleted uranium was indeed in the lungs and other organs of navy vets who filed for health compensation claims yet you know saddam hussein seemed like a pretty bad guy but there are always ways to get around the confines of a dictatorship but there is no way to escape from radiation it is truly present so for the invasions of iraq good for the iraqis well it doesn't seem to be doing too good for their physical health but that's just my opinion.
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choose your language. make it with. some. choose. the great. choose the stories get in. excess. but as well as electoral bodies announced it will conduct an order to votes cast in sunday's presidential election this is nicolas maduro was declared the winner by a small minority was sworn in as the country's leader live to caracas and tests are still as their tests are as are saying it was it was a very small majority wasn't it that saw going ahead but that vote still got to be
2:36 pm
rubber stamp even though it's swearing in is underway. yeah that's right the electoral council here had agreed to a complete audit the remaining forty six percent of the votes that had not been audited yet the other part of it had already been audited the day after the results were announced so this is accepted by the opposition leader in the kick up the lists of who he had been asking for actually a full vote recount manual recount but this is just not possible so this audit is sort of perhaps meeting halfway and he's happy with this he's accepted however he said he wants to be part of the process however if we remember that during the announcement of the of the results the electoral council have also come out and said that it is that you reversible the results that they had no matter how slim the margin they said the result was irreversible and despite all that going on with the opposition yes the inauguration is continuing today we already saw heads of
2:37 pm
states coming into town i think we've seen the iran's leader brazil cuba they could argue at columbia and a whole slew of other world leaders and i don't know if you can hear the sound behind me but it's really a flurry of activity here in caracas you can hear pots and pans that would be the supporters of this there were some fireworks going off that would be supporters of mother and people out of the streets wearing red shirts as supporters of this of course and. also yes the inauguration does continue celebrations here in the city while those who are protesting are staying in their homes making a lot of noise i mean there are some heavy duty protests one that i mean jojo's we've split the venezuelan public. have a very small margin really is what has a showing this deep divide in the country i think even supporters of model had to work kind of disappointed at the fact that it wasn't such a huge margin to be the opposition and this does show that the country is essentially split fifty fifty and that there would be there would be conflict here moving forward and it's important for the people to find
2:38 pm
a way to move forward from this point we saw protests that turn violent of april fifteenth and the government now. saying about it eight people dead hundreds were arrested but then it took a different turn now the protests that we see in the last couple of days were really about noise about fireworks at about parts of pakistan and actually today they kicked up this call to supporters to dance salsa so we can see the pictures but the problem is well it's a business the protest does continue and i think for the president he will have to acknowledge the fact that he has a very small majority in this country is he will have to figure out a way to meet it is going to resolve this without the charisma of little chavez and despite the fact that there were improvements in the country in terms of poverty and inequality there are still a litany of problems he has to solve. crimes shortages medicine the united everybody so he has a very big uphill battle ahead of him. in caracas thank you.
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search and rescue teams are continuing their work at the site of wednesday's explosion about fertilizer plant in texas police say twelve bodies were recovered on friday at least thirty five people were killed sixty still unaccounted for. the reports from the scene. several police departments from around texas cordoned off a large area around the fertilizer plant which exploded now i just came back from one of the local hospitals which admittedly nearly one hundred people who were injured in the explosion overall we know that more than one hundred sixty people were hurt in the blast right now there have been come for unpaid teletubbies however we haven't gotten a new casualty count recently given the fact that this is still a search and rescue mission we do speak to one woman earlier who was slightly wounded during the explosion she lived in the vicinity of the blast her family was ok but so many of her friends she did not know the whereabouts swayed about the
2:40 pm
kids my kids their friends live in those apartments those houses we don't know about them we don't know about some of the fathers or friends if so what happened during school hours i mean it's still bad but if the kids were in school it was real close by so many first responders digging through the rubble this morning still hoping to find survivors in a neighborhood which has been described as a war zone i can tell you i was there i walked through the blast area i searched some houses massive just like iraq just like the murray building in oklahoma city same town and exploded so you can imagine what kind of damage we're looking out there. i know there was at least seventy five to fifty fifty to seventy five houses damaged pursuit apartment complex that has about fifty units in it that was completely. just skeleton standing no investigation is still underway for the root
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cause meanwhile police and firefighters are still searching the rubble near the fertilizer plant. the tragedies caused many people to question whether basic industrial safety regulations are being enforced in the us the plant has been accused of understating the amount of highly flammable gas that was on the premises and hydrous ammonia that was still with the latest safety reports conduct of the facility stated there was no fire explosive risk indeed that the worst possible scenario was a ten minute release of ammonia guess without any casualties caused this latest because he's around eighty kilometers away resulting in multiple casualties i spoke to professor dr jeffrey patterson at the school of medicine it was comes to university believes it lacks federal regulations may be deployed for the disaster there's been this montreaux that we have to deregulate we have to take away
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regulations so business can thrive and obviously we see examples like this or fukushima for example where when we do that we suffer the consequences in the end and so i think we're seeing it with the environmental protection agency today where they are promulgating new regulations if there is a mother. of the clean up to be in much more lax it currently is and not for people to be moved out of the area because of radiation damage so there's this tremendous move. to deregulate things to take away the powers of the e.p.a. and other regulatory agencies and i think that's what we're seeing now that that's a very dangerous precedent. rather for some of the top stories now this out of speed with first off in cairo that violent clashes between supporters and opponents of president mohamed morsi thousands of business activists took to the streets
2:43 pm
urging morsi to overhaul the country judicial system according to various still under the control of factions loyal to the ousted leader also mubarak time judge cuse morsi is undermining their authority. and pakistan's former military ruler pervez musharraf has been put under house arrest in islamabad he returned from. last month to run a major general election despite pending charges against him including treason is house arrest was ordered after he fired fled the court where he was being tried for the judge refusal to grant him bail it's the first time in pakistan's history that a former army chief has face criminal charges. placed paris arrested between seventy and eighty people for unrest during protests against same sex marriage last night one person was reportedly injured during a scuffle police say three thousand marched in the capital as parliament made its final debate on the pitch for a decisive barracks to next tuesday.


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